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Established in 2015 by identical twins Harley & Delaney Stewart, Fight Night Records quickly became ground-zero for indie songwriting, studio recording and collaborating in Melbourne. 

Armed with an arsenal of vintage equipment and a terrifying list of heavy-weight muso’s on call for sessions, Fight Night Records is the perfect studio to settle in and cut your next release. Our stylish crib also doubles as a great place for video performances, showcase gigs and writing sessions.

With outstanding indie talent constantly moving through the studio, Fight Night became home to many, providing an inspiring space for its orphans to thrive in collaboration. It seemed inevitable this rag-tag posse of mis-fits and renegades would later officially unite to form the indie label that is centred around this unique studio. 

The label, alongside an extensive list of local artists, also offers a fully licensed catalogue of edgy Melbourne music ready for sync

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